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Apr 26 2011

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Welcome home

All photos by JB Spector / Museum of Science and Industry

The “Greenest Home in Chicago” is back with new gadgets and inventive ways to live green! The Smart Home (which I designed) is a fully functioning, eco-friendly home at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, is a must-see exhibit for anyone who wants their home, and life, to be smarter, more efficient and more in tune with the environment than it is today.

The Smart Home has been remade for 2011 to simultaneously bring you back to the past and forward to the not-too-distant future. Scout (love their stuff!), a Chicago interior furnishing store, brings its specialty touch for refurbishing and reviving pieces from government and education buildings into a truly eco-friendly and stylish decor. Meanwhile, Gizmodo shares the cutting-edge technology that we’ll soon be using to live, play and relax at home. Appropriate for this mix of the new and old, the Museum has also paired some of Gizmodo’s newest gadgets with some of their vintage counterparts from within the Museum’s collections.

All together, this fusion shows how to make the most of existing materials while searching for the most efficient in new technology. It all comes together in the home that has shown more than 250,000 guests the ways, big and small, to make eco-friendly living a part of everyday life.

Smart Home 2011 @ The Museum of Science+Industry Chicago
The Knoll chairs in the living room have been recovered in fabric made from car tires, and elegant 1930s black and white photographs—reproduced from the Museum’s industrial photography collection—decorate the walls.

The dining area features a table created from recycled planks, and a lighting fixture that uses old fluorescent tubes in an innovative way.

University of Chicago laboratory cabinets were reclaimed and refurbished to serve as unique, functional and beautiful kitchen cabinetry.

Smart Home 2011 @ The Museum of Science+Industry Chicago
The Cybertecture Mirror in the master bath delivers the day’s time, temperature, news and traffic, keeps track of your weight, and even connects to friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Smart Home 2011 @ The Museum of Science+Industry Chicago
The energy dashboard reports how much power is being produced from the Home’s rooftop solar film and 45-ft. wind turbine.

Smart Home Exhibit @ The Museum of Science and Industry
University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners help plant and maintain the Smart Home’s eco-friendly landscape.

Whether you’re into gardening, gadgets or garages, a visit to the Smart Home will reboot your thinking about your home and how to live greener.

For more information: www.msichicago.org

Michelle Kaufmann

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