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Jun 08 2016

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Welcome to My Friend’s House

I visited a couple’s house last week that is always truly a work in progress, and they are always making progress. They moved into the large home a few years back with a plan to renovate various rooms and spaces along the way.

Barn Doors

When I first visited them, a group of us had dinner on the second basement level – yes the basement is two levels – and it was a blank slate with a few paint colors splashed on one wall so they could decide the perfect hue. The room is still in flux, but my friend’s husband and his dad installed cedar barn doors to separate that space from a small bedroom. The barn track used to hold the doors is from a family farm in Indiana during the 1800s.


One the basement bathrooms, which are both finished, features an Italian marble vessel sink with a live-edge walnut base from a woodworker in North Carolina. A teak wood insert (below) in the shower hides a concealed oversize drain, which prevents clogging.


I love all of the small, well-thought-out details as well, which include various light fixtures, decorative grates and a metal wallcovering – just for something different (below).


The laundry room even features personal touches with a floor mat and a light and dark clothing separator.

Laundry Room

While her husband was out of town one weekend, my friend did the tile applique in the powder room on the main floor – and it looks perfect! I can’t wait to see what’s in store the next time I visit my friends’ awesome abode.


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