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Aug 03 2010

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What’s hot now: linear tile

At least, it’s hot where I am in Northern California. For some of you, linear tile might still be an up-and-coming product, but judging by the enthusiastic reception from clients here, I suspect you might start seeing more of it as well.

This year’s winners are linear tile hybrids, a natural progression from the brickwork subway tile, where the tiles have elongated into longer, sleeker lines and are a quiet accent or a bold focal point for transitional or contemporary design.

They work equally well for a vanity backsplash to a full backsplash in a kitchen or bath. It can run lengthwise to expand the room, or run floor-to-ceiling on, say, a fireplace, to add height. What we’re seeing now is:

1) Combination patterns of mixed mediums—ceramic, glass, stones, porcelains, or metals (Check for availability of corner pieces for the listellos if planning a border frame.)

Kelly_August_2_1Product: Emser Eclipse Series “Moon” 3×12 Listello (Glass and ceramic)

Kelly_August_2_2Product: Emser Lucente “Murano” (Combination of matte glass, polished glass and limestone. Sizes: ½ in. high x random)

2) Random brick-joint patterns with varying tile sizes and offset patterns. Most of these come on 12×12 or 13×13 mesh backing and (thankfully) with an interlocking pattern as well, so your tile-setter isn’t spending his life rearranging end pieces to fit. The pattern below from Island Stone is one we’re using for a kitchen tile backsplash, and I can’t wait to see it.

Product: Island Stone, “Smoke” Linear Beach Glass, 10 2/5 in. x 12 2/5 in.

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