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May 18 2012

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What I recall of KBIS: Part 2

It’s probably wrong of me to start off this post with this bad photo I took at the Cosentino/Silestone booth, but it does show some of the bath offerings that were on display at the company’s booth. I like the shower tray’s lively pop of color, which, in the right hands, could go a long way in brightening one’s mood in the morning. It’s part of a larger collection, which I was fortunate enough to see in Spain last fall but had to keep mum about until now.

The highlight of the booth was the new Stonium Series, a collection of six Silestone designs that aren’t shy with their veining or color. Available in 63-in. x 128-in. slabs with a 1-, 2- or 3-cm thickness, they include Siridium,





and my favorite, Tritium. I’m not a designer, but wouldn’t this look “hot” atop a stainless-steel cabinet island with legs?

Speaking of hot, but in a far more exotic way, Ann Sacks’ new Shagreen collection features bone-bordered black stingray skin tiles in 4-in. x 5-in., 5-in. x 8-in. and 8-in. x 10-in. formats.

Because each is accented with a whitish spine marking, called a “star,” seeing a group of the tiles together vaguely reminded me of Ross Bleckner’s black-and-white paintings about AIDS, which I saw in a slideshow in college. Bleckner had come to give the graduate art students (not me) a talk about his work and their work. He said something about the latter being too serious before launching into a presentation of his own paintings. I think the irony was lost on him. But I digress…

If Shagreen is too groovy for you, Ann Sacks showed plenty of other options, including a fun, brightly colored collection by Neisha Crosland and a Petrified Wood line comprising 12-in. x 12-in. and 12-in. x 24-in. tiles (as well as custom sizes) in three colors and two patterns: Retro and Log patterns, both of which are shown here in Charcoal:

For a little shine and reflectivity, Pyrite comes in gold or silvered antiqued and gold or silver polished, as well as a mix of both. Sizes are 6 in. x 6 in., 6 in. x 12 in. and 12 in. x 12 in.

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