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Apr 02 2015

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What Matters Most When Choosing Hardware

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In our K+BB Designers Network LinkedIn Group, our managing editor, Erinn Waldo, asked the following questions: What matters more in updating hardware – the shape or the finish? And are certain finishes more “on style” than others?

We want to share the responses from industry experts with you.

Cindy Sherman, Kitchen & Bath Designer

To give a direct answer; I would say the shape, and usually there are other finish options to choose amongst. Hardware is definitely something that can provide a quick update to your space, assuming we are not talking about arched, natural oak cabinets!

Nar Bustamante, President of Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc.

When I complete a design, I place all my materials on the conference table – the cabinet door, countertop material, backsplash tile, floor sample and any other element the kitchen may have. Once I do this, what color the hardware should be becomes quite an easy decision. The shape is where I look for interest – or often lack of – depending if I want the hardware to pop or be subtle. Currently, I love modern satin or brushed brass.

Denise Butchko, Closet Design Consultant/Marketer/Author

I have to love the way it feels.

Paul McAlary, Kitchen Designer and Kitchen Cabinet Professional

Make sure the handles you are considering have the same screw hole spread as the old handles and that the new handles or knobs cover at least everywhere the old ones covered. If you uncover previously covered paint or stain, the finish is unlikely to still match. After that, the style, shape and finish that will look best are dependent on the other finishes in the room, including appliances, faucets and even doorknobs. The style of your cabinetry, hood and countertop will also affect which hardware will look appropriate. Only after considering all these things can a sensible decision be made.

Rex G Hirst, CKD Au, Interior Designer at Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors

I think the choice of hardware can also help identify the period in which you want to set the kitchen. For example, you can take a Shaker door but use a modern handle, and it will clearly be modern and fit today. Alternatively, choose a brass- or nickel-finished shell handle, and you’re back in the 1900-1920s.

Anne-Marie Harvey, AKBD, Designer/Owner/Author at Fresh Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC

I would recommend checking out samples of the hardware from a dealer – or buying a few samples from a big-box store – and living with them on the cabinets to see what grows on you. It’s amazing how often people end up selecting the hardware that didn’t make an immediate impression after living with it.

Richard Terry, Kitchen Remodeling|Bathroom Remodeling|Closets Systems|Storage Solutions

Using all the great points brought up, it all depends! Good advice; another reason why a DIY’er might need some professional help.

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