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Sep 28 2016

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What’s Next for the Bathroom?

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This week’s #KBTribeChat discussion looked at the evolving bathroom. We’ve seen it move from practical to spa-like and luxurious, and today the bathroom definitely has some major changes going on. KBB tuned in to the discussion to see what manufacturers and designers are thinking on the topic.

1. Decorative hardware is becoming an essential design component on cabinetry. What finishes and types are you specifying or want to use?
Very simple designs, like touch latches and no hardware.
– Warm metals, like brass, are popular
– Home/made custom is very much in
– Metallic everything!
– Rose gold has just popped over from Europe, and we expect to see more soon.

2. Do you coordinate sinks, tub and toilet by suite? Explain your selection process! What are your favorites? What colors?
Toilets and tubs should be color coordinated, but you can match sinks with the tile or tub, and the hardware with the shower door rail.
– Although everything can match, the tub is perfect for making a different statement.

3. What faucet and shower valve handle styles and finishes are you excited about? Do you have a go to selection or does it vary by project?
Transitional faucets – allow you to go in any direction, whether it is modern or traditional.
– Brass is on trend.
– Matte Black is huge!

4. Tile for bathroom flooring and showers has become very popular. Why do you see this trend continuing?
Large wide tile with small tile pattern accents
– More creative designs
– This trend will continue, because there are endless combinations to playing with finish, scale and placement
– Tile is so versatile, especially now that it takes on different textures

5. Many lighting options are available for the bathroom! What are your favorites?
LED task lighting for dialing grooming activities that combine with a medicine cabinet
– Lighting adds sparkle to design
– Go funky to accompany recessed designs
– Layered task lighting
-In drawer lighting and lighted toilets

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Image courtesy of drpnncpptak at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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