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Dec 28 2015

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When Design Comes Home

Above is an image of my parents’ kitchen. I spent the first 18 years of my life in this house and have since watched it evolve with the times and the changing needs of our family. I learned how to bake bread and roast a chicken in this kitchen, and I had my sweet 16 birthday party dinner made in this space. When old friends and family come over, they immediately sit at the island while my mother brings out appetizers and wine. It has become a safe haven for my sister, our closest friends and me.

Believe me, it didn’t always look this way.


This is the way it looked before we had a massive renovation, back when I was about 10 years old. All I remember was that it was dark and tricky to maneuver in. According to my mother, she was fed up with everyone crowding her kitchen and getting tripped over with by children and dogs.

So we took that massive undertaking of renovating and redesigning. We moved into the finished basement for about six months and lived off of a tiny stove and back up refrigerator. Sawdust was everywhere, and my older teenage sister was going crazy with being cooped up.

But to this day, that kitchen has failed to go out of style for my family. Sure, it’s traditional, and they could use a new refrigerator and hood. The only changes they’ve really had to make are to the hardware, which recently moved to square bronze knobs (per my suggestion), and for a new pull-out kitchen faucet (they were skeptical about touchless technology – I did try though). I’ve seen so many more beautiful kitchens in my work with KBB, but this one stands still as my example of what all designers hope to achieve – a kitchen that stands the test of time and the many messy joys a kitchen can bring.

Happy holidays from the staff at Kitchen and Bath Business

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