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Jan 28 2013

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When stainless steel gets old…

By Alice Liao

So you’re tired of stainless steel appliances. You’re not the only one. There’ve been rumblings that stainless is falling out of favor with consumers and why wouldn’t it? Stainless has enjoyed quite a ride in the kitchen, providing a user-friendly alternative to custom paneling that works well with a wide range of finishes and colors and can provide striking contrast where none is available but needed. It’s pretty much a standard in kitchens.

But of course, once a standard, ennui can settle in.

So what will take the place of stainless? Personally, I don’t think any one finish can, but some of the latest options from appliance manufacturers can send one’s imagination racing.

If you’re looking for a “new” neutral, you can always check out the Fire & Ice collection Whirlpool unveiled last year. The line comprises white (shown) or black metallic appliances, which might look at home if your kitchen is transitional or modern in style:


GE’s Slate, according to the company, is enjoying great reception—and why wouldn’t it? It’s a warm, metallic gray that’s also fingerprint-resistant:

GE Appliances_Slate Refrigerator

And then there’s always color—bright, cheerful and attention-grabbing—for those who want, say, their range (Capital Cooking’s Connoiseurian shown) to be the center of attention:


Got your attention? But what more can you do, you ask? Well, BlueStar, which recently stopped by K+BB’s offices for a show-and-tell, might just have what you’re looking for. Its new Textures collection comprises three textures—River, Silver Vein, Mini Texture—each of which is available with the company’s existing 190 colors,




Silver Vein


Mini Texture

as well as seven additional tactile offerings that range from gray to copper to gold.


Premium Silver Vein


Premium Copper Vein


Exterior Silver Vein


Exterior Copper Vein


Gold Rush Vein


Silver Gray Hammer Tone

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  1.  A. Appliance Productmanager |

    I’ll tell you what’s getting old… the continued harping on the “death” of stainless steel. Until professional kitchens in restaurants and cooking schools start dropping stainless steel appliances in favor of some alternative color, stainless steel will continue to be considered the “professional’s choice” and therefore the aspirational target for those who seek a high end kitchen.